i would be so offended 

scrollin all this good good


id take a bullet for u in the leg not anything too fatal just a slight graze

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A flower does not think of competing to the flower next to it. It just blooms. - Zen Shin Talks (via ciggars)

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"can we have pizza?" 

"yeah sure just get it out the freezer"


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coming out to my parents as a cheetah girl

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I'm proud of you


Thank you. I’ve worked really hard to get where I am today and still have a long road ahead.

I honestly had no idea. I'm so sorry. Fuck.


No don’t be sorry for me. Life kinda sucks right now. But honestly I am the happiest I have ever been. I have no money, I pay a car note, insurance, and a phone bill - which I realize actually isn’t a lot compared to what most people pay, but going from $100 a month to almost $600 is a lot when you only work part time. But I have the greatest support system I could of ever asked for. And I’m doing this. I am loving my life and living out the choices that I made for myself. I stood up for myself for the first time. And I could not be happier

I love you, I always will. I'm just worried.


I’m pretty sure I know who you are and I’m thankful for your worry. But I honestly have never been happier in my life. And that’s truly saying something. I am no longer moving with my parents to Germany, I had a pregnancy scare, bought a car, got kicked out of my house, living with my boyfriend, and trying to work two jobs and go to school full time as well as be an amazing girlfriend to the love of my life. I should be pissed at the world right now - and before I would have been. But I’m content with life so I’m able to push all the bullshit aside and enjoy the things that are actually going right.
Whoever you are, thank you for being worried. I honestly do appreciate it.

But what about what is coming? You won't be 18 forever. One day you might wake up full of regret for not chasing your dreams, regretful that you didn't work as hard as you were able to. Life goes on. There are 3 sorts of people: people who flow along mindlessly, people who grab onto anything they can to fight the current, and people who are leading the charge. You are so much smarter than that. I'm so thrilled you are happy. I just want to make sure that you remain happy.


I don’t see myself being regretful for loving the present. I’d rather regret that than regret chasing after something that i was never going to reach in the first place. Being content is in no way giving up. When I made this blog I was in a bad place, and had a different URL. I got into a better place a few months ago and changed it to contented - because that’s what I was. It does in no way mean that I don’t have dreams or goals and that I am giving up on myself and just letting life pass me by. It means that I am letting life happen how it may, and I’m going to do all that I can to make it happen the way I wish it to - I just no longer let life pass me by as I do. If something doesn’t go my way I no longer take it personally in life. Shit happens and if you let it put a road block on your life then you aren’t doing it right.